Branding and Packing a Sippy Cup: SIPIG

We were given an object at random and were challenged to create a new and unique way to brand and package that makes the product more appealing for consumers. My object was a Sippy Cup. Meet SIPIG! The Original Sippy Piggy Cup

SIPIG is the perfect drinking companion for your child. Trying to learn how to be all “growed” up can be a frustrating undertaking for a toddler, so why not make it a playful experience? 
It is a spill-proof, BPA Free sippy cup, designed to engage your child to play while developing the motor skills to hold an adult cup. While these moments of growth tug at the heart-strings of most parents, SIPIG allows for their child to maintain the most essential aspect of childhood: using their imagination.
drink. learn. grow. play.
Sketches of original packaging idea that grew from studying the product and its form,
Packaging was made from a single continuous piece of heavyweight Bristol board, with graphics and information applied on the double-sided dye cut.

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