We brought on student photographers from the six featured high schools to help capture content throughout the football season. Each week, students received an assignment based on a core principle of team – ideas like camaraderie, community, leadership, and anticipation. With the mentorship of famous Friday Night Lights photographer, Robert Clark, the students were able to capture power moments of the teams fighting to settle their score.
At the end of the #SettleYourScore season, we wanted to honor the relationship between player and coach and the lifelong power of team. The Dear Coach and Dear Seniors campaign was inspired by actual letters from an Indiana high school football coach and one of his graduating seniors.
American Advertising Federation (AAF) - Local ADDY Award
Silver | Sales & Marketing Book Design

The #SettleYourScore campaign went on to be recognized and awarded by
One Show, Cannes, Clio, ADDY, Reggie, WARC, Adweek, CA, and others.
Designer: Jen Beck
Art Director: Matt Slider
Creative Directors: Berk Wasserman & Brad Jungles
Photographers: Robert Clark, Matt Slider, Shelby Horsley, Carlee Kremer,
Peyton Hoffman, Tyler White, and Byers Morris
Account: Alex Belot, Bryan Herrman
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